Self Learning

Self learning isn’t a really difficult and easy thing to do. This round our facilitator decided to give us to take on a challenge to be an independent learner. We can learn anything that related to code and multimedia (adobe programs). I’m really into editing so I decided to learn more about “Adobe After Effects” I’ve been using Adobe After Effects for about 5 months now, but I don’t really challenge myself to do something that kinda more advanced. This time I decided to get out of my comfort zone and try something that kinda challenging for me. I decided to focus on a project call 3d room” ​I saw a lot of good 3d room on social media and then I decided to try it out by myself. It was really challenging at first because in the process of making it I learned a lot of new tool in Adobe After Effects, but it worth my time because after spending 1 week focusing on doing this 3d room I did it and I got to explore a lot more stuff in Adobe After Effects. I only use youtube as my main resource and use some of my knowledge that I always have. This is the final product:

Programming (Python)

        “It hards to communicate, but at least we try” It is exactly how I always feel when I do coding. Python isn’t that hard, but not that easy for me either. I met a lot of difficulties during all of my assignments specifically for my turtle race assignment in Codeclub. There is a lot of new function in that assignment that I have to use, but I never have seen it before. I test my code so many time and there is always going to be at least one error in one of those tests, but I did solve all of them. Then, I came to the point where they need me to use the penup() and pendown() tool. At first, I completely have no idea what both of those function do. I read the instruction, again and again, to see if I’m going to have a better understanding of those two functions, but still, it didn’t help me at all. I decided to check my code and run it over and over again and finally I only understand about 25% of what those functions do, but I still what to make sure that I really understand it, so I went to my friends and ask them to explain to me about the penup() and pendown() functions do. Then I finally got it and I was so happy that I finally learn something new after I meet all of those struggles. If you want to see my turtle race project click on this link.

Multimedia (Coding)

        In this round, we are trying to learn something new and it is also challenging. This round we finally get to do CODING, but we not yet start with the complex coding language, we decided to start with python.

          Even though python is not one of the most complex coding languages, but I still meet a lot of problems and challenges. The main two sources that we use for this are and First, we start off by taking a lesson in Codecademy and for the first few problems in Codecademy is really easy since it is just an introduction to python. Then, we started to learn more about python and trying to deep/dive more slowly and get to know more about python. Then, we started to do a lot of more complex exercises in that our facilitator, Cindy made for us and gave us to solve them, but by the end of the round I can see that I really learn a lot of things about python. This is a link to see my exercises in a google doc.


Multimedia/Technology (Round 2)

In this round, we learn a lot from our teacher, Cindy. This round we had 3 weeks with her and in the first week, we learned about the structure of the story. On the second week, we learned about the format of photography. On the third week, we learned about videography this round, we learn a lot from our teacher, Cindy. This round we had 3 weeks with her and in the first week, we learned about the structure of the story. On the second week, we learned about the format of photography. On the third week, we learned about videography Structure of the story, we were learning about the Pixar Structure story. It was really fun because we got to write our own short story. I got to experience a new kind of story because I was using a different structure to write my simple and fun story, but for this time I was using the Pixar structure story. 

  • Photography

I just to learned photography before and this time she added more photography knowledge to me and it was really amazing because photography is one of my favorite things to do when I have free time. We learned a lot about IOS, Aperture, Shutter Speed and more function that related to photography. I got a more information from my classmates because I was on a trip that day. I can’t wait to go out and shoot some photo because I want to apply those skills to my photography.

  • Videography

I used to learn about videography, but not that much and this time she taught me a lot of new skills about videography. For all of these activities, we mostly work in teams. There is a lot of section we need to go through. We also learn some new words like shotguns microphone and lavalier microphone. I didn’t know those words before even though, I use all of those microphones because I never got to chance to learn it at my old school (which is government school). We also learn a lot about setting up all of those devices that we need to use. It was really amazing to learn all of that stuff because I don’t think I’ll get at chance to learn it if I’m not apart of Liger students.

Technology and Multimedia

Meteomedia/Technology is learning how to use computer software especially adobe software such as Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Lightroom CC and also Classic and more. We learn with our teacher call, Cindy. She had a lot of experience in multimedia, but she doesn’t teach us about all of that software, she actually picks some of our classmates to teach us a lot of those software.

I learn a lot about Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Lightroom CC from my classmates and before we got to learn all of those adobe software, we also learn how to do research, so one of our HW she gave us to create a poster about our research topic and I also finish it. In adobe Photoshop CC, I don’t really like to edit photos with it, but I like to create memes with and it was so fun to make and it make me laugh every times I make one of it. Adobe Lightroom CC is my favorite adobe software to edit my photos in it because there are actually a lot of good filter in and I also like to take picture, but not as much as the editing so I just let other people to take the picture and I’ll gonna edit the photos for them if they want, too. I actually want to say thanks to all of my classmates because they are so talented and they help me a lot with my problems while I’m learning all of those software. I really love the way all of my classmate teach me about all of those software and it really helpful now, I know how to do a lot of things all those software.