STEM/ Periodic Table and Chemical Bonding

For STEM this round is probably my favorite round so far because we were learning about one of the things that I really want to learn. We were learning more about the elements and the periodic table.

We learned a lot about the periodic table. We found out a lot of answer to all the question that we have for a long time in our mind. This is some of the question and answer I found about the periodic table while learning about it.
Who is the inventor of the periodic table?
Dmitri Mendeleev was the inventor of the periodic table.
When did the periodic table invent?
1869 is when the periodic table invented.
We also found more facts, but this just the two most questions that we really want to know the answers. Plus, we also learned about how they arranged the elements on the periodic table. In this round, we also learned about the chemical bonding. We learned two of the bond this round which are covalent and ionic bond. Both of this bond is really hard to explain in words, but we got a lot of knowledge from these lessons. We found out a lot of new facts. We learned most of those facts from our facilitator and we also learned from a free online website which is called CK12. If you want to know more about the periodic table and chemical bonding click on this link.


STEM or stands for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics is one of the most important subjects in school. STEM is really important for everyone because everything surrounded us is related to STEM. We learn with our facilitator Da. He is also a Cambodian like us, too.

I really enjoy learning with him because he gave us to do a lot of fun activities and we can learn a lot from those of the activities. One of the thing that I learn in this round is about the atom. He divided us into the different team and he gave us different responsibility and gave us to do research different thing that related to atom. I got to learn a lot more about quark from this project. First I thought that atom is the smallest elements in the whole universe, but actually, quark is even smaller than an atom. As you know that there are three more things in an atom which are electrons that have a negative charge (-), Protons that have a positive 

Different type of team of quark and how much it charge

charge (+) and Neutrons that have zero charges (0) and quark actually made up neutrons and proton. There are six different type of quarks they are up, down, strange, charm, bottom, and top quark. Six of those quarks also divided into two different teams and each them charges a different amount. In a proton, there are two up quark and one down quark and in neutron, there are two down quarks and one up quark. That the basic of quark and I hope you learn something from reading this.