Community Cleanup Campaign (CCC)

The first round of exploration this year lasted for a very small period of time because we already came back to school late. I was a part of a project called Community Cleanup Campaign (CCC) which was led by one of our alumni. The initial goal of this project was to build an incinerator at a government school in Kampong Speu province, but Covid didn’t allow us to continue with this goal so we decided to build one on our Campus. We face many challenges like what is the alternative for all the products that we can’t find in the country and who is going to build it for us, but after four weeks of doing all of the research and planning, we successfully built one in the campus. This is a picture of the incinerator.

Being a part of this project taught me the importance of collaboration. This project only consisted of 6 people, but we were able to get a lot of works done in 4 weeks, including a draft report of the incinerator.

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