Self Learning

Self learning isn’t a really difficult and easy thing to do. This round our facilitator decided to give us to take on a challenge to be an independent learner. We can learn anything that related to code and multimedia (adobe programs). I’m really into editing so I decided to learn more about “Adobe After Effects” I’ve been using Adobe After Effects for about 5 months now, but I don’t really challenge myself to do something that kinda more advanced. This time I decided to get out of my comfort zone and try something that kinda challenging for me. I decided to focus on a project call 3d room” ​I saw a lot of good 3d room on social media and then I decided to try it out by myself. It was really challenging at first because in the process of making it I learned a lot of new tool in Adobe After Effects, but it worth my time because after spending 1 week focusing on doing this 3d room I did it and I got to explore a lot more stuff in Adobe After Effects. I only use youtube as my main resource and use some of my knowledge that I always have. This is the final product:

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