Coordinate Graph

          If you were ask me to tell you about coordinate graph, the answer that I’ll give you back probably “I don’t know anything about that”. This round in math class we focused on two main different things which are algebra and coordinate graph. I used to hate algebra because it is so annoying and complicated to do, but whenever I give a try on algebra when I do the word problems, I started to realize little by little how easier it became using algebra to solve the word problems, but this time we dive little bit deeper into algebra which is a little bit more complicated, but I still take on the challenge and I did it. For coordinate graph, it was really confusing and difficult at first even though I used to learn about graph, but not this kind of four graph. It was very hard to catch up and really understand what my facilitator try to explain us, but when I asked her more questions, she started to explain more about it and I started to understand more about the coordinate graph. Throughout all of this learning process, I just know that I always take on different challenging and I never make myself upset on taking those challenging even once.

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