Programming (Python)

        “It hards to communicate, but at least we try” It is exactly how I always feel when I do coding. Python isn’t that hard, but not that easy for me either. I met a lot of difficulties during all of my assignments specifically for my turtle race assignment in Codeclub. There is a lot of new function in that assignment that I have to use, but I never have seen it before. I test my code so many time and there is always going to be at least one error in one of those tests, but I did solve all of them. Then, I came to the point where they need me to use the penup() and pendown() tool. At first, I completely have no idea what both of those function do. I read the instruction, again and again, to see if I’m going to have a better understanding of those two functions, but still, it didn’t help me at all. I decided to check my code and run it over and over again and finally I only understand about 25% of what those functions do, but I still what to make sure that I really understand it, so I went to my friends and ask them to explain to me about the penup() and pendown() functions do. Then I finally got it and I was so happy that I finally learn something new after I meet all of those struggles. If you want to see my turtle race project click on this link.

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