Multimedia/Technology (Round 2)

In this round, we learn a lot from our teacher, Cindy. This round we had 3 weeks with her and in the first week, we learned about the structure of the story. On the second week, we learned about the format of photography. On the third week, we learned about videography this round, we learn a lot from our teacher, Cindy. This round we had 3 weeks with her and in the first week, we learned about the structure of the story. On the second week, we learned about the format of photography. On the third week, we learned about videography Structure of the story, we were learning about the Pixar Structure story. It was really fun because we got to write our own short story. I got to experience a new kind of story because I was using a different structure to write my simple and fun story, but for this time I was using the Pixar structure story. 

  • Photography

I just to learned photography before and this time she added more photography knowledge to me and it was really amazing because photography is one of my favorite things to do when I have free time. We learned a lot about IOS, Aperture, Shutter Speed and more function that related to photography. I got a more information from my classmates because I was on a trip that day. I can’t wait to go out and shoot some photo because I want to apply those skills to my photography.

  • Videography

I used to learn about videography, but not that much and this time she taught me a lot of new skills about videography. For all of these activities, we mostly work in teams. There is a lot of section we need to go through. We also learn some new words like shotguns microphone and lavalier microphone. I didn’t know those words before even though, I use all of those microphones because I never got to chance to learn it at my old school (which is government school). We also learn a lot about setting up all of those devices that we need to use. It was really amazing to learn all of that stuff because I don’t think I’ll get at chance to learn it if I’m not apart of Liger students.

First Original Song

I’m one of the people in the world that really take music as serious as everything else in my life. I always need music whenever I do all my school works or my other personal works. I also play guitar, so I decided to create a song with my lovely acoustic guitar. 

This song is about having a crush on someone, but it not actually real, but that idea just come to my mind while I was brainstorming, so I just decided to take this idea. 

*Strumming :
(Whole Song) 
I Know How
Intro | C | Fmaj7 | Am | Em |
Verse 1
  C               Fmaj7         
I see your face on my screen
 Am                Em       
That made me real-ly dizzy
C              Fmaj7           
I can't really take my eyes off
Am                 Em       
All of your powers are on me
    C           Fmaj7             Am    Em 
   How Can I? Can I? make you
   C           Fmaj7          Am       Em
   I wonder how can you follow my...insta
Verse 2
C                     Fmaj7      
I just waited for the day to come
Am                 Em        
Took me a while to realize it
C                    Fmaj7          
I can't believe that it finally here
Am                    Em      
You're making me real-ly happy
C                Fmaj7            Am   Em 
I know how, know how made you 
C            Fmaj7         Am   Em   
Finally, you are following my...insta
C                     Fmaj7      
I just waited for the day to come
Am                 Em        
Took me a while to realize it
 C                    Fmaj7           
I can't believe that it finally here
Am                    Em      
You're making me real-ly happy
C                Fmaj7            Am   Em 
I know how, know how made you 
C            Fmaj7         Am   Em              
Finally, you are following my...insta and dm me
Music : | C | Fmaj7 | Am | Em |
and dm me  

Technology and Multimedia

Meteomedia/Technology is learning how to use computer software especially adobe software such as Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Lightroom CC and also Classic and more. We learn with our teacher call, Cindy. She had a lot of experience in multimedia, but she doesn’t teach us about all of that software, she actually picks some of our classmates to teach us a lot of those software.

I learn a lot about Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Lightroom CC from my classmates and before we got to learn all of those adobe software, we also learn how to do research, so one of our HW she gave us to create a poster about our research topic and I also finish it. In adobe Photoshop CC, I don’t really like to edit photos with it, but I like to create memes with and it was so fun to make and it make me laugh every times I make one of it. Adobe Lightroom CC is my favorite adobe software to edit my photos in it because there are actually a lot of good filter in and I also like to take picture, but not as much as the editing so I just let other people to take the picture and I’ll gonna edit the photos for them if they want, too. I actually want to say thanks to all of my classmates because they are so talented and they help me a lot with my problems while I’m learning all of those software. I really love the way all of my classmate teach me about all of those software and it really helpful now, I know how to do a lot of things all those software.


STEM or stands for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics is one of the most important subjects in school. STEM is really important for everyone because everything surrounded us is related to STEM. We learn with our facilitator Da. He is also a Cambodian like us, too.

I really enjoy learning with him because he gave us to do a lot of fun activities and we can learn a lot from those of the activities. One of the thing that I learn in this round is about the atom. He divided us into the different team and he gave us different responsibility and gave us to do research different thing that related to atom. I got to learn a lot more about quark from this project. First I thought that atom is the smallest elements in the whole universe, but actually, quark is even smaller than an atom. As you know that there are three more things in an atom which are electrons that have a negative charge (-), Protons that have a positive 

Different type of team of quark and how much it charge

charge (+) and Neutrons that have zero charges (0) and quark actually made up neutrons and proton. There are six different type of quarks they are up, down, strange, charm, bottom, and top quark. Six of those quarks also divided into two different teams and each them charges a different amount. In a proton, there are two up quark and one down quark and in neutron, there are two down quarks and one up quark. That the basic of quark and I hope you learn something from reading this.


Math is a really important subject in school and also if you really good at math and STEM, you will find a job easily because of both of them got a really strong potential in everything around us. My facilitator in this class is Sam.

My new math workbook (5A)

In this round, we get into our new book which is 5A. We get our math curriculum from Singapore Math. Math is my favorite subject, so everything related to math I always wanted to learn the most. This round we didn’t learn some that new to me because we just review the fraction and we just learn some new stuff like how to divided fraction or multiple fractions and we also learn a little bit about algebra. First I like to look at the picture because it helps me a lot with my math word problems because it hard for me to work out with algebra, but later during one of the class I just found out that even though algebra is hard, but it helps us to do the word problems faster and it helps us understand more about the word problems. I also in love with Khan Academy. I learn a 

My show work for one of my word problem

a lot of new things from Khan academy especially algebra. I took a pre-algebra course this round and I’ll try to finish with the course by the end of the year. Khan is really easy to use and it also free, so if you want to learn more math by your own you can just go to Khan, create an acc and then just pick a course that you want to learn about. As I said before, I love math problems and I did a lot of math problems in my math book and most of my friends said that when I show my work I’m really organized with it and it easy for them to understand. Even though math is hard, but math is still my favorite subject in school. 

Community Documentary Exploration

In the first round, I was apart of an exploration calls “Community Documentary” which we focus on making the documentary for four villages in Kampong Speu such as Chrok Porpoul Village, Trapang Leap Village, Prey Ansae Village, and Srey Sampong Village. In this exploration, we have 18 members (including me) so, we divided into 4 different teams some team has more members and some team has less member. All of the teams have different responsibility such photo, video, podcast, and blog.

I was one of the members that work in the blog team. I learn a lot about making a blog and about interviewing people. I went

Kids at one of the village.

 to Kampong Speu province to interview people in those villages above. We walked across the village and one of the interesting things that we noticed that the village in the afternoon is really quite because most the young people, they go to work in the city which they work in the factories. We there their for two night and Camkids gave us food and places for us to sleep. We a really grateful to have them because without them it’s going to hard for us to find other places to stay and also we gonna waste a lot of money on food and place to sleep. One day during the trip, we also did some activities with Camkids’ students too. During I got one really inspiration thing is that there was a boy who came to talk to us every time we free because he really wants to improve his English skills and we find it interesting that he really wants to improve his pronunciation with us and us really proud of him and we want him to keep doing what he is doing.

Changing Cambodia 2017-2018

How I Changed Cambodia?

  • Geography Book (Publish Team)

This year we started working on The Cambodian Geography Book. We also divided into four region each region have their own provinces that they need to go and collect the information from. Now, we are trying to put all of the information that we collect from those trip together into a real book. Even though, we not yet published the book, but I believe when the book publish, it will help a lot of student in government school also the student who go to college or even outside the school. When we publish the book, we plan to give one book to each government school in Cambodia for the student to read and do some research even though, they don’t have access to the internet. I just got a feeling that it going to make a big change to all of the people around Cambodia or the world.

  • Humans of Cambodia
Humans of Cambodia Team members at Takeo Province.

I’m also a part of Humans of Cambodia Exploration team. In this exploration, we did a lot of interview and photography. We went to different places to collect all of our people stories. Then, we put all of that information into a quotes and than we put all of their quotes into our Humans of Cambodia blog. We already release that blog and now we are trying to get more people to view the blog and it also a way to make Cambodia more popular. We’ve been doing a lot of exhibition. Like once on Sunday, 27 May, 2018, we got a chance to put our photo at Meta house for one week. We got to shared some of the people stories to other people. We use only one quote to describe our exploration it is “Reading people stories it easy, but asking for their stories is difficult.” This quote was created by one of our member. To add on to that, it is real for me before I did this exploration I was reading a lot of people life and it was pretty easy and it hard for me to image how can they get such us an amazing story like that and when I started to go and interview people to get their personal stories I just realize that the story that I read before, it not easy for the author to get just in one hour. They need a really long time to get the stranger to tell their stories to the people that they don’t even know before. Most of the stories that I interview was really emotional. When I interviewed a woman who sells pineapples at the market her tears just came out by its own while she was answering our questions. 

  • Technovation 2017
My team at Headquarter of Google

Technovation is a programme that allows girls to join to get closer to technology. Each team needs to have at least 2 members in a team. I have 5 members in my team. Our team name and app name is Cambodia Identity Product. We decided to came up with an idea to make an app that helps Cambodia craftspeople. On April 23rd, We have a Mini Pitch. Mini Pitch, we just need to go and compete with other teams from all over Cambodia and it just a celebration that we complete of 12 weeks program. For my team, we didn’t get a chance to go and compete at the National Pitch. I was a bit sad that time because before Mini Pitch I need to woke up at 3am to finish our presentation and finish everything that we need to do. About one week later, the winner of the National Pitch is from our School. In this programme, you also get a chance to go the Silicon Valley, San Francisco to compete with other teams from all over the world. When the semi-final announced, my team was one of the semi-finalists and we were so excited. After that, there were a lot of people invited us to go and present at many different places. About 15 days later, the final announced and we was so surprised that our team got to go the Silicon Valley, San Francisco. After that, we started to work on our presentation for about 2 months before, we can go to compete at San Francisco. The first day, that we arrived San Francisco, it was very different for all of us. On the third day, we present our idea at Google. After, we finish present our idea to global judge, there were two Cambodian Journalist who came up to us and interview us. On the fourth day it was the day that we knew who gonna win the competition. Even though, we didn’t win the first the place, but we still won the second place and make other country know Cambodia and we also inspired more girls to join Technovation. That time, I started to know the meaning of the word FAIL, it actually meanFristActionInLearningThis meaning actually inspired me a lot, and I hope that I can encourage more girls to join this kind of programme. 

  •  This year, I was the Delegate of Indonesia for ICAN MUN. It was a really fun experience. I spent most of my Tuesday ASE time to work on ICAN MUN. On Friday 9th Feb 2018 evening, before, we went to each assembly we also take a school photo.
    I’m speaking about my country

    Every delegate has to speak their opening speech to let other delegates have an idea that will your country agree with those topics or not. The first topic that we were debate on is Women’s Right to Education. It was one of a really hard topic to debate because there were a lot of countries that against on this topic and there were a lot of countries that agree. We spent about 45 minutes to debate on agree resolution. We spent another 30 minutes to debate on against resolution. On the second day afternoon, we were debate on the resolution that my team made for Protecting Marine Life. For our resolution all the people in our assembly vote for it to pass automatically. I knew that the solution that we had discussed on won’t public, but even though, we still have an idea of how to help it get better and easier for all the countries.

បទ បថ្យាវត្ត


ជាបឋមក្នុងនាមជាកវី តែងកំណាព្យថ្មីសម្រាប់សង្គម

ដែរបានផ្តោតទៅលើគ្រប់ភារម្យ ដែរលោកសង្គមមិនបានឃើញ។

មនុស្សគ្រប់គ្នាគួរតែដឹងថា មិនមាននាក់ណាមិនចង់អញ្ជើញ

លោកប្រាក់លោកកាកឲ្យយើងបានឃើញ ព្រោះវាជាភ្លើងដល់យើងគ្រប់គ្នា។

ប៉ូលិសចរាចរណ៍ជារឿងមួយ​ គាត់ក៏បានជួយមនុស្សគ្រប់គ្នា

ហើយគាត់មិនសូវមានពេលវេលា ដូចមនុស្សគ្រប់គ្នាគិតនោះឡើយ។​

សូមមនុស្សគ្រប់គ្នាចូលរួមជួយគិត ថាតើលោកចិត្តគិតត្រូវឬនៅ

ថាប៉ូលិសចរាចរណ៍ចង់តែទៅ យកលុយជាផ្លូវសម្រាប់ធ្វើការ។

មានប៉ូលិសច្រើនដែរធ្វើបែបនេះ ហើយថែមទាំងជិះពីលើរាជការ

ពួកគាត់ចេះតែធ្វើមិនគិតថា តើវាយ៉ាងណាទៅថ្ងៃខាងមុខ។

នៅមានប៉ូលិសមួយចំនួនទៀត ដែរគាត់ចេះឈ្លៀតទៅធ្វើការផ្សេង

ពីព្រោះគាត់មិនដែរចេះឈរលេង រួមទាំងពេលគេងក៏មិនគ្រប់ផង។

គាត់ចូលចិត្តរកលុយដោយសុច្ចរិត គាត់មិនចូលចិត្តលួចរបស់គេ

ហើយគាត់ថែមទាំងមិនយកលុយគេ គាត់មិនចេះទេរឿងពុករលួយ។